2017 Speakers

Jeff Galloway

Jeff will be at the Expo on Saturday, May 27 and will be a featured speaker at the Pasta Party. He will also offer his 3-hour Running School and will be at the finish of the race as well. Known as the "most recognized personality in running" by USA Running, we are honored to have Jeff take part in this great weekend and wanted to get the news to our fans first.


Bart Yasso

Bart Yasso has been the chief running officer for Rodale’s Runner’s World magazine since 1987.  He has coached thousands of marathon runners through the Runner’s World Challenge, and he is also known as the “Mayor of Running”– the man who seemingly cheers on every runner across every finish line of every marathon.  

Bart travels nonstop to bring the joy of running to millions of people around the world.  Join him here in Buffalo as he shares lessons, wisdom, and the insights he’s learned from running in more than 1,500 races. Experience firsthand not only how Bart’s training tips and practical advice make us all better runners, but also how his infectious spirit and love of life make us all better people.

Awards and Achievements:

  • Inducted in to the Running USA Hall of Champions

  • Creator of the Yasso 800s, a marathon training technique that predicts marathon race pace by running 800 meters 10 times

  • Author of My Life on the Run
  • Runs marathons worldwide – from Boston and New York to Antarctica and Mount Kilimanjaro, and at least one on all seven continents
  • One of the relatively few ultra-endurance runners to complete the Badwater 146 through Death Valley
  • Completed two solo, unsupported bicycle rides across the U.S. in 20 days, averaging 155 miles per day.

Steve Gonser

We are pleased to welcome back physical therapist, founder of RunSmartOnline.com, and endurance athlete Steve Gonser to our Health & Fitness Expo as a speaker.

This year, Steve will be sharing his course specific race strategy tips on how to best race the Buffalo half and full marathon. Whether you would like to set a new PR, race the distance for the first time, or simply finish strong this will be a talk that you won’t want to miss!

Steve is a two-time Ironman finisher, ultra-marathoner, and frequent sub 3-hour marathoner who has earned his second trip to the Boston Marathon in 2016.  He’s analyzed the run form of thousands of athletes across the United States, and he helps many local runners with both injury prevention and treatment.

Melissa Kahn

Melissa Kahn is a Jenny Craig brand ambassador and the proud founder of Run, Heifer, Run! —a fun-loving community of fitness enthusiasts dedicated to commonsense solutions for weight loss and healthy living. Melissa competes in triathlons and half-marathons now, having lost over 100 pounds, or the equivalent of 45 kilos of fear. She has maintained her healthy weight for more than five years—another proud accomplishment considering she's yet to meet a cookie she doesn't like. Melissa lives in Phoenix with her husband Dave (a pilot), four foul-smelling teenagers and two spazzy dogs who remind her that the glass blender is always half-full even when someone forgets the top.