Volunteer Information

If you think you or your group can handle a little more excitement than just cheering – then VOLUNTEER!  It takes around 1500 volunteers to make the Buffalo Marathon, Half Marathon and Marathon relay teams run smoothly.  


Most volunteer opportunities are coordinated through organized groups such as clubs, school or church-related groups, or simply groups of friends who join together to volunteer.  Groups are encouraged to contact us using the “Contact Volunteer Coordinator” link below, and we will work with you to find the best volunteer opportunity for your group!  

If you are already associated with a group that plans to volunteer, your group “captain” will provide you with a private link through which you will register to volunteer.   Please do NOT use the “Register to Volunteer” link below, since groups are provided with a separate registration link.  


There are also opportunities for people not associated with a group to assist in any number of marathon areas “as needed” – and your help is greatly appreciated!  If you are not associated with a group and would like to volunteer, please click the “Register to Volunteer” link below.  


Volunteers receive an "Awesome Volunteer" tech shirt as a thank-you for donating your time at the event, as well as an invitation to the annual post-marathon volunteer appreciation party and a coupon for a Dunkins' Donuts Coffee.  The 6,000 or more "thank you's" you receive from runners are priceless!  

Come out and make a difference!